Fast Ambulance

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1628 Huddell St, Marcus Hook, PA 19061

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State: Pennsylvania
Address: 1628 Huddell St, Marcus Hook, PA 19061
Zip code: 19061


  • Michele Evangelista

    (August 22, 2018, 2:47 pm)

    I wanted to thank the Paramedics who came to my home (204 HARVEY AVE. MARCH 2017 2 DAYS AFTER ST PATS DAY AT 2AM,) after my Husband found me on my bedroom floor soaked through my clothes with sweat from the worst pain I've ever felt (EVEN THOUGH MY ROOM WAS 20 DEGREES PURPOSELY.) The Paramedics weren't sure what was going on with me, and I stubbornly did not want them to hurt themselves carrying me, so I waited im my living room and described my symptoms to them, although they probably thought I was just another Drug abuser, (LIKE THE ER DID.) Thankfully the ER got ahold of a BARIATRIC SURGEON, who took one look at my scans and found my LUNGS WERE BEING SMOTHERED BY MY OWN "INTESTINES, COLON, and STOMACH". Also the tube the ER repeatedly shoved down my nose to try and drain my stomach was ACTUALLY SITTING IN MY LUNG, the BARIATRIC SURGEON SAW THAT IMMEDIATELY, And yelled at the ER to get it the HELL OUT. The young ER nurse apparently also assumed I must be a "ragging drug addict" cause she pointed out all the scars on the FRONT of my arms from working jobs most men do, and accumulating lots of scars. She also yelled at me to "TAKE MY TEETH OUT" for the scan. WHEN THEY ARE MY (REAL TEETH). B4 the Surgen came down I was about to leave in fear the people who work the graveyard shift at the Crozer ER were gonna kill me for sure!!! . The Surgen explained if I left "I WOULD LITERALLY DIE" in my home. (THE PAIN IN MY CHEST, WAS MY STOMACH ALONG WITH EVERYTHING ELSE THAT DOESN'T BELONG, TWISTED AND DIEING FROM GETTING NO BLOOD SUPPLY.) AND HE TOOK OVER AND KICKED ALL THE ER STAFF OUT, AND AWAY FROM ME) This apparently started out as HERNIA, I apparently had for 5 to 10 yrs But NEVER KNEW, Although I worked, and did everything most all Moms due. Also the REAL (Dr FOUND I'D BEEN LIVING ON A QUATER OF ONE LUNG ALL THOSE YRS). Due to everything inside crushing my lungs. I had been telling my primary dr that it didn't feel like my blood or whole body was getting oxygen for yrs, I was sent for blood work b4 all this happened and got a call IMMEDIATELY TO GO GET A BLOOD TRANSFUSION A COUPLE YRS B4 ALL OF THE ABOVE TOOK PLACE. I was so depressed that the transfusion made no diffrence!!!! ( So for the Paramedics, and any Officers who showed up at my home, I thank you all!!!!!.) And thought I'd share this in case you run into something similar. ALTHOUGH I WOULDN'T WISH THAT PAIN ON MY WORST ENEMY. AND PRAY YOU NEVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH SUCH A CRAZY MYSTERY LIKE THAT AGAIN. (THE SURGEN SAID MY SCANS WOULD BE USED AS A TEACHING TOOL FOR YEARS TO COME. ) HE WAS NO YOUNG BUCK, AND HAS SEEN ALOT, BUT SAID HE NEVER SAW SOMEONE IN THAT BAD OF SHAPE DOING ALL THE DAY TO DAY THINGS MOST ALL OF US DO ONLY ON A QUATER OF JUST ONE LUNG!!!.) HOPE THIS HELPS. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. SINCERELY MICHELLE L. EVANGELISTA. YOU'RE OUR ANGELS HERE ON EARTH. (P.S.) THE OPERATION CAME UNDONE IN TWO MONTHS, AND NODULES WERE FOUND ALL THROUGHOUT MY BODY DURING THOSE SCANS, INCLUDING ONE IN MY RIGHT LUNG. SO I'VE STARTED ALL OVER AGAIN AT PENN. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES,GOD BLESS, BE SAFE!

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Where is Fast Ambulance located?

Fast Ambulance is located at 1628 Huddell St, Marcus Hook, PA 19061

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